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      Water resources are indispensable, important and precious strategic resources for the development of human society. Today, water resources have become one of the most important constraints that seriously affect the development of cities especially the economic development and human life. Regarding water resources, the various problems that need to be solved currently mainly include water shortage, pollution, low utilization, incomplete and inefficient monitoring and management and others.

      Inspur Solution

      Inspur, the global leading cloud computing and big data service provider, smart city operation, government and industrial solution provider, focuses on water industry (areas of water resources, water disasters, water ecology, water conservancy, water supply and water sewage), fully utilizes our technical advantages of cloud, big data, AI, IoT and 5G and provides intelligent solution in the fields of water resource, related water conservancy facilities, water supply and water sewage.

      • Smart Water Conservancy
      • Smart Water Supply

      The smart water conservancy solution mainly focuses on water resource, water disaster, water ecology and water conservancy facility and project and serve water resource authorities and managers and administrators, industries and publics.

      By new-generation ICT technologies, the solution can build integration water conservancy platform to centrally and visually monitor source status, surroundings, hydrological conditions, related conservancy facility and equipment operation status and abnormal activities to closely monitor the status of water resources, ensure the resource safety and the normal operation of water conservancy facilities and equipment.

      Furthermore, the solution can provide topical monitoring, analysis and early-warning for water disasters on basis of aggregated concerned data and GIS map to support flood and drought control, precise early-warning and efficient emergency response.

      Smart water conservancy solution

      • Enable comprehensive monitoring of key water conservancy objects such as rivers, reservoirs and dams on basis of IoT, video, satellite remote sensing and 5G technologies
      • Effectively monitor and manage water resources, water intake, consumption, drainage, water quality, water resource protection, and dispatching to help understand and optimize water resources utilization
      • Provide integrated IoT platform to sense factors of water resources and water conversancy facilities and monitor them in real time
      • Provide unified hydrology monitoring, early warning and analysis of water resources based on abundant observation data e.g. water level, flow, sediment, precipitation, evaporation, water temperature, ice, water quality, groundwater level, etc.
      • Provide strong support for flood and drought scenario and help monitor disaster conditions, analyze, forecast and support early warning for flood control and drought relief

      Key Feature

      • All-in-one map

        integrate geographical data, water resource data, water conservancy data, hydrological data and various sensing data on one map

      • Visualization

        use GIS, BIM and AR/VR and build visual presentation such as 3D sand table

      • Real-time surveillance

        support remote visual surveillance and supervision on basis of 5G and panorama camera

      • Topical applications

        support multiple applications of water resource surveillance and management, river and lake management, water conservancy operation and supervision, flood control and drought relief command, water and soil conservation, etc.

      • Advanced technology

        apply big data, cloud, AI, IoT, VSP, 5G, 3D, AR, VR, UAV, satellite remote sensing, etc.

      Key Value

      • Monitor water resources and conservancy facilities in all rounds, assure water resource safety and normal running and reduce abnormal and illegal behaviors
      • Improve water resource, hydrology and related facility management capability and enable refined management, forecasting, analysis and decision remarkably
      • Support scientific decision on water resource management, regulation and allocation based on comprehensive data and visualization
      • Ultimately guarantee water resource quality and safety, improve water resource utilization, support scientific decision and command, and assure routine life and production

      Case Study

      Integrated Provincial Water Resource Management
      Realize centralized view and efficient administration of all the water resources in the province

      By integrating data from various sources, Inspur platform helps to centrally manage water resources and monitor the hydrological conditions to supervise water resource status and usage, ensure water resource safety and improve the utilization. Based on big data technology, Inspur offers multiple intelligent topical analysis applications such as water resource statistics, water resource quality analysis and usage analysis to support water resource administration, water resource scheduling and decision making.

      Digital River
      Advanced technologies enable complete digitalization, 3D visual panoramic surveillance and remote supervision and operation

      Regarding river and constructed water conservancy facilities, Inspur digital river solution utilizes a series technologies including 5G, GIS, BIM, IoT, VSP, AI, AR and VR, provide digital modeling, comprehensive monitoring, visual panoramic presentation and remote operation and inspection of key part and conversancy facilities of the river. Staff can view 3D panorama of the river and dams and related indicators in real time or near-real time based on detected data, perform automated operations and remote inspection in order to discover potential problems and abnormal activities timely.

      Focusing on water supply enterprises, the solution provide end-to-end monitoring and operation support of urban water supply network for water supply enterprises. By various sensors, it can monitor the operation status of water supply system and equipment and the water quality in required time period. In addition, it can enable fast problem response and preventive pipe network maintenance to effectively improve operation maintenance efficiency, reduce pipe leakage and improve water resource utilization.

      Smart water supply solution

      Business diagram

      Key Feature

      • End-to-end

        total solution covering from water resources, water supply plant, water supply pipeline to end users

      • Integrated

        utilize enterprise-level sensors, aggregate various types of data and present panorama of entire water supply network

      • Intelligent O&M

        realize real-time monitoring, remote control, fast fault response and troubleshooting, improve O&M efficiency and reduce losses

      • Leakage topic

        realize preventive pipe network maintenance, and effectively reduce pipe leakage

      Key Value

      • Improve water resource, hydrology and related facility management capacity and support scientific decision on water resource management, regulation and allocation
      • Monitor water resources and conservancy facilities in all rounds, assure water resource safety and normal running and reduce abnormal and illegal behaviors
      • Monitor water resource usage end to end especially the urban water supply network and truly increase water utilization and reduce water loss

      Case Study

      Smart Water Supply
      Enable comprehensive monitoring and intelligent operation of water supply network

      For water supply companies, intelligent sensors are deployed in the water supply pipeline network and critical equipment, the system will receive data detected from these sensors and monitor the running status of pipeline and equipment visually to help support routine operation and maintenance works, further improve water utilization and reduce water loss.

      Contact Us

      • Email: inspur_worldwide@inspur.com
      • Phone: +86-531-85105264
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